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1. About us

Nice to meet you! I'm Mariko Okada from Staynative.US.

Based on the experiences of our founder, Chiaki Liu, who grew up bilingual, Staynative started in Germany with a passionate desire to deliver picture books to children living abroad with a Japanese background.

In October 2023, we also began operating from our base in the United States.

While raising my three lively sons, I work as a Japanese language teacher, emphasizing a fun and practical approach to teaching Japanese that is closely related to everyday life. I myself am a regular subscriber to Staynative's picture books from Germany. Through these books, I've been able to spend quality time with each of my children, and I've seen visible improvements in their vocabulary. It's been nothing but positive! With the aim of reaching many households with a Japanese background, I decided to start Staynative.US.

Thank you very much for your support!

2. Risk of damages to books

In order to control transportation costs, we source our books from Japanese publishers via sea freight. While we take great care in packaging, there may be instances where slight waviness due to humidity or minor damage to the corners of the books may occur.

We do not typically offer refunds for damage that does not significantly impact the read-aloud experience.

If such incidents do occur, we will promptly report them.

3. Shipping and fees

1) Regular Shipping:

We use USPS within the fourth week of the preceding month. While delivery is expected within 2 to 8 days, variations in delivery times may occur depending on the volume of seasonal mail. Tracking is available, so please let us know if you require a tracking number. Additionally, you have the option to add insurance, please select this option before checkout.

2) Shipping Fees:

All fees are included and will not be billed separately.

3) For those who wish to have shipping with insurance:

Please select this option before checkout. The insurance fee is an additional $2.70 per month.

4. Our books

All the featured books are monthly picture books published by Child Honsha. Due to the nature of monthly picture books, storybooks are generally in softcover format. (Details regarding whether the books are hardcover or softcover are specified in each course's brochure.) Additionally, monthly picture books printed in the previous fiscal year become unavailable for sale in Japan. Therefore, we acquire them at fair prices and offer them for sale. As a result, all the books are brand new but printed in the  previous year, 

5. Cancellation Fee

In order to achieve an affordable price for children abroad, our pricing only reflects the bare minimum costs.

Due to the arrangement of sourcing books via sea freight from Japan six months in advance to reduce transportation costs, our business model relies on a limited number of cancellations. Excessive cancellations could jeopardize the sustainability of our operations.

Except in the case of sudden returns to one's home country, cancellations are processed at the end of the subscription term, allowing for a two-month grace period.

We kindly ask for your careful consideration before subscribing.

*Changes in courses midway are accommodated as per stock availability. *Cancellations notified by the end of May will be processed starting from August. *Cancellations from January to March will all be processed at the end of March. (Due to the fiscal year-end falling in March)

6. About payment

Payments will be processed monthly for a duration of 6 months, starting from the date of your order. For example, if you sign up in September, you will be charged for 6 months from September to the following February, while the book deliveries will take place from October to the following March.

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