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2023-Standard Course for age of 4-6

2023-Standard Course for age of 4-6

The perfect combination of captivating storybooks and curiosity-fueling science books.


The 'Story Child Request' series selects and delivers popular books, especially cherished since its debut, which continue to be favorites in bookstores. These are timeless masterpieces that have also been selected as recommended readings by various institutions for children.


The 'Naze Naze quiz book' is a comprehensive resource that can be used as a children's encyclopedia. It not only satiates intellectual curiosity to the fullest but also provides an enjoyable way to encounter a wealth of vocabulary. Using kanji suitable for first graders, it remains a beloved read even as children progress through elementary school.

*For those who subscribed last year, we recommend the Advance Course to avoid quiz duplication.


■ Story Child Request

Try a sample book

22.6 cm x 20.2 cm

36-40 pages



■ Naze


*Please note that previewed books may differ from the actual delivered books."

  • Shipping and Derivery

    "The price includes shipping and handling fees. There will be no additional charges.

    We arrange delivery via USPS from Washington State, USA. Typically, delivery takes 2-8 days. Tracking service is automatically included. If you wish to receive a tracking number notification, please write 'tracking' in the remarks section.

    If you'd like insurance, you can opt in for an additional $2.70.

    In case of loss during USPS delivery, we will offer a complimentary resend only for the first occurrence if we have stock available. If we are out of stock, a refund will be issued. From the second occurrence onward, resending will be at a cost, so if you have concerns, please consider adding insurance.

    We ship at the end of the preceding month to ensure delivery by the first week of each month. Please understand that we may not be able to provide specific arrival date information.

    *While we import books from Japan with ample lead time, there is a possibility of delays in case of unforeseen transportation issues. In the event of any delays, we will promptly notify you. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

  • Cancel/Change

    Please review the important notices before ordering.

  • Group Purchase

    We also accept group purchases from playgroups and friends. When the delivery address is the same, buying together becomes more cost-effective in terms of shipping. We also offer delivery to kindergartens and daycares.

  • Payment

    Due to system constraints, charges will occur monthly from the month of your application to the end of the fiscal year (as indicated on the purchase screen). For example, if you applied for a 6-month subscription starting from October in September 2023, you will be billed for six months from September. We appreciate your understanding.

Price Options
$16.50every month for 12 months
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