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<2024> WA no Course B

<2024> WA no Course B

A surefire hit that will make even adults say, "I didn't know that!" This highly recommended series offers an in-depth exploration of Japanese culture, even for those living abroad. With topics ranging from kimonos, traditional festivals, and cuisine to tea ceremonies and traditional sweets, the series covers a wide range of themes. Thanks to Child Publishing's editing prowess, the content is presented in an enjoyable and well-paced manner.

The Biography Series remains the same as last year. This series has received immense popularity from mothers, and we've received heartwarming letters saying that reading these books has motivated their children. Unlike other series, the Biography Series is based on real-life individuals and events. By focusing on the childhoods of great figures, children can imagine the experiences these individuals went through, fostering empathy and a sense of determination. It's a series that allows both parents and children to experience moving emotions together.

- Japanese Picture Books

   Size: 24.5cm x 21cm, 28 pages, Hardcover

   Please slide through the product images for a sample video.

- Biography Picture Books

   Size: 24.5cm x 21cm, 28 pages, Hardcover

   Previews available here.

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