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<2024> WA no Ehon * 1 book

<2024> WA no Ehon * 1 book

We want more children to discover and fall in love with the beautiful country of Japan. That's why we've also prepared a single-book course.

Sure to make even adults go, "Ah, I didn't know that!" these series are highly recommended for thoroughly understanding Japanese culture while being abroad. Covering a wide range of topics such as kimono, traditional events, festivals, Japanese cuisine, tea ceremony, and traditional Japanese sweets, these books are edited by Child Honsha to make reading enjoyable and engaging at a comfortable pace.

- "Japanese Picture Books"

  Size: 24.5cm x 21cm, 28 pages, Hardcover

  Please check the product images for sample videos.

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    If you wish to have insurance, you can opt in for an additional $2.75.

    In the event of loss by USPS, we will resend once at no additional cost if stock is available, or provide a refund if stock is unavailable. From the second occurrence onwards, there will be a fee, so we recommend purchasing insurance if you are concerned.

    We ship at the end of each month to ensure arrival by the first week of the following month. Please understand that we cannot provide information on delivery dates.

    *While we import books from Japan with ample time, delays in transportation may occur. If such delays happen, we will inform you promptly. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

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    We also accept group purchases with playgroups or friends. If the shipping address is the same, purchasing together can save on shipping costs. We also offer delivery to kindergartens and playgroups.

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    Due to system constraints, billing will occur monthly for the number of months from the month of your application to the end of the fiscal year (as displayed on the purchase screen). For example, if you subscribe for 6 months starting from the October issue when applying in September 2023, billing will occur for 6 months from September onwards. We appreciate your understanding.

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